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Module: Advanced MS Excel

Mode: Classroom

Duration: 16 hours    (The program repeats every month)

The course is designed for professionals and graduate students who need to learn about the advanced ways of using spreadsheets to resolve day-to-day issues experienced at workplace and to solve complex issues in an easy manner.


Course Outline:

1.       Formulas – Writing & Fixing Errors

2.       Working with Data

3.       Creating and Working with Charts

4.       Data Analysis & Pivot Tables

5.       Review & Security



Formula Writing & Fixing Errors 

Ø  Look up: Vlookup, Hlookup 

Ø  Math: Sum, Sumproduct, Absolute, Integer, Round, Average, Count, Minimum, Maximum 

Ø  Logical: IF, nested if, sumif, Count, CountIf, CountBlank, iferror and, or, 

Ø  Text: Case, Position, Search, Trim, Right, Left, Concatenate, Left, Len, Lower, Upper, Proper, Now, Power 

Working with Data 

Ø  Precedents, Dependents, Error Checking 

Ø  Evaluation of Formula – Stepwise 

Ø  Formula hiding 

Other Features 

Ø  Pivot Table (Pivot Chart) 

Charts (Bar, Column, Line, Pie, Area, 3d, Sparklines) Working with Data

Ø  Sorting (number, alphabets, color, date, custom)

Ø  Filter, Advanced Filter

Ø  Text to column: Importing .txt files into excel

Ø  Data Validation (List, Error Message)

Ø  Grouping and Sub-grouping

Ø  Subtotal

Review and Security

Ø  Password Protection

Ø  Cells Lock

Ø  Track Changes


Ø  Freeze panes, Custom View

Ø  Auto Sum on the Task-bar

Ø  Usage of Top Ribbon Menu

Ø  Formatting


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